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Body sculpting has been widely received lately as more people opt for this procedure as opposed to dieting. The non-aerobic muscle-toning procedures have outstanding results and take less time eliminating excess weight. Hollywood Body Sculpting is among the institutions at the forefront of promoting this new and amazing weight loss* procedure.

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With over 7,000 patients, the website has even been featured on shows like The Dr. Oz Show, Good Morning America, or WebMD just to mention a few. This boosts not only their legitimacy but customers’ faith in the quality of services they offer. Many doctors have opened up clinics to conduct similar procedures but the best is always widely known.

Hollywood Body Sculpting has received 95% approval from its customers due to its services and even got a recommendation from the former President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Rod J. Rohrich.
Here is a quick primer to some of the services that they offer.


Ultrasonics is a method to reduce weight that uses ultrasound and radio frequency waves to eliminate unwanted fat in your body. Sometimes, you may work out but still not be able to remove some fat stuck say in your lower tummy. Ultrasonics helps with this and costs you less effort as opposed to having to endure a 90-day workout routine or insipid diets.

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The procedure is pain-free and targets those exact areas thereby making toning your muscles way easier. The fat cells are converted into a liquid that is then drained by your body’s filtration system. Also known as Ultrasound Cavitation, the process takes approximately 45 minutes and only a single part of the body is treated within that time.

______5354774This procedure is very effective as it doesn’t harm the tissue in any way and gives you a smoother contour with no pain, swelling or bruises. Most people love this procedure due to its ability to eliminate back boobs and love handles, two things that bother a lot of people. However, while this process will help you shed the accumulated fats, you need to watch your eating habits too or end up going back to the doctor every time complaining that the process doesn’t work on you.

With Ultrasonics, you will be able to treat your waist, back, thighs, calves, hips, and arms. These areas are the most affected by fat accumulation and it is good to find a non-surgical and non-invasive way to remove the fat. In addition, the process is hassle-free and allows you to return to your normal activities immediately.

The process can also guarantee 2 to 3 inches of shapely reduction per area, is proven to be safe worldwide, and is highly convenient. Results are stunning, measurable and are received in real-time.

Laser Sculpture Lipotrade

Laser Sculpture has also been on the forefront as one of the modern ways to remove fat in targeted areas. The procedure makes use of two lasers, the I-Lipo lymphatic node stimulator, and Zerona to help produce an elegant body contour. The lymphatic system in the body is responsible for the absorption of fats.
After the lasers target and melt the fats, the lymphatic system gets to work. The result is a good shape in the targeted area of your body and an overall toned look. According to ABC News Medical Contributor, Dr. Marie Savard, this procedure can melt inches off your waist, thighs, and hips.

This laser technology measure for fat removal not only beautifies the targeted areas but reduces and reshapes them as well. It is safe and affordable at $95 per month, non-surgical and non-invasive making it totally pain-free. In addition, after the procedure is done, you can return to your activities immediately without any discomfort or complications. You can also use this procedure to target fat on your waist, back, thighs, hips, arms, calves or under your chin.

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Your goals and requirements are the only two things that will dictate the number of treatments you would wish to receive. Each treatment takes about 45 minutes and is very comfortable and relaxing. Obviously, you will feel some warmth when the treatment pads come into contact with your skin but it will not amount to anything other than a warm sensation.

The process is suitable for both genders but should not be carried out on women’s breasts. Before going through with the process, the doctors will conduct a background check on your health history to see if any complications might arise. If you maintain a stable diet, the procedure will last for a very long time.


Many people around the world have thronged clinics looking for a doctor that can perform this procedure successfully. Indeed, ThermaLift is a procedure that somewhat replicates the effects of the fountain of youth. The procedure helps you to tighten your skin through the use of an advanced radiofrequency device.

At Hollywood Body Sculpting, you won’t have to worry about damage to your skin since the process is conducted by professionals. Most people rush to backdoor clinics and end up demanding empathy for the transformation that went wrong. While some patients see the results of the procedure earlier than others, the actual time the results take to show is often between 2 to 6 months.

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Also, some patients may require one treatment but for others, this choice is based on your needs and the doctors’ advice. A ThermaLift treatment dip to your skin can cause a brief but intense heating sensation but it is completely normal, that is the collagen tightening in the deep layers of your skin. However, doctors do apply an anesthetic cream to ease that sensation and make you comfortable.

In addition, before, during, and after the treatment dip, a cooling spray is delivered in the targeted areas to prevent any damage to your skin. ThermaLift is a new and safe way to get rid of sagging and loose skin on your body. The most targeted areas are usually the neck and the face but this procedure can also be used on your body.

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ThermaLift will have you looking way younger than you are and is perfect for all ethnicities and skin tones. The procedure lasts up to one year and helps treat all five layers of your skin. Older methods are fillers and injections, which have proved to be painful and often don’t give out the desired result. With no down time, ThermaLift has effectively replaced invasive surgical face lifts.

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